SEO is a fast-paced industry, which is constantly changing and growing. This makes it difficult to predict but, one thing is for sure, it keeps us on our toes! With the growing importance of JavaScript to deliver rich online experiences, the ever-changing SERP landscape and rapidly evolving consumer behaviour, nothing is certain for the future of SEO.

But what is in store for 2019? What do current trends say about the direction of search? How can you get ahead of the game? What changes can we expect from Search Console and other Google tools?

To answer these questions, we have invited John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, to join us on our last webinar of the year on the 12th December at 4pm GMT/11am EST.

We will be asking a ton of questions regarding his opinions about what's in store for the SEO industry in the coming years, future trends and what we can expect to see from Google in 2019.

This is your chance to ask him your questions! We will be collecting all of your questions on Twitter, which he’ll be answering during the webinar, so don’t hesitate to tweet us @DeepCrawl with #AskJohnMu.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get answers to your questions about the future of SEO, from the one and only John Mueller!