With the recent advancements to AI, natural language processing and Google's BERT model, our upcoming webinar will explore how we can use this information in order to gain a better understanding of search intent. 

In this webinar, Dawn will discuss what Natural Language Processing is and how Google are using their BERT model in order to better understand search queries. She will also cover how developments in machine learning have led to significant steps towards understanding the context of user intent.

Join Dawn Anderson and our host Jon Myers on Wednesday 18th December at 4pm GMT/11AM EST to learn more about these recent developments and how they will impact the future of search.

Please note, as this is a pre-recorded webinar there will not be a chance to ask questions while the webinar is taking place. However, please feel free to tweet us any questions you may have, using the hashtag #AskDawnA and we will pass them all to Dawn and follow up with a Q&A blog post.